A writer’s life for me

Reading has been a large part of my life. It started so long ago that I’ve always identified as being a bookworm. With a one liter sports water bottle filled with milk, I remember sitting in the corner of my childhood room in Minnesota reading a book while a thunderstorm turned the sky black at noon. I can read a couple books on a day off when properly motivated by an author.

YA and Fantasy filled my youth. In college I burnt out and tried a ‘smutty’ novel. I fell in love with the romance genre when the heroine knocked on the hunky neighbors island vacation house. The local library gave me the grand tour and I stumbled on Historical Romance set in the Regency Era.

In all honesty, it took several books for me to picture the setting and understand the historical and cultural differences, but the ‘novel of manners’ hooked me. It was only after devouring everything at the library and getting down to lower star books that my mind screamed, “I can write a better book than that!”

And down the rabbit hole I went. My life will never be the same. Studying craft changed me. I read books differently then I did before. Some days I wish I could back, because the the writer’s life can be hard. It is said that writer’s write because they cannot not write. I finally understand what that means. Being an author is my career path. Making it happen won’t be easy, but I don’t have a choice. I cannot not write.

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  1. Hey! Saw that this blog existed via your facebook post – this is so awesome! Consider me a loyal follower 😀

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