The mystery of plot and middles

Middles mess me up. I end up re-plotting my ideas over and over, hence, unpublished writer. There are a lot of books and advice about plot but none of it seems to help me. Plot is what happens, the hard part is left to us writers to figure out what those happenings are and show the reader what they mean to and for our characters.

Middles are the meat. While I enjoy devouring single-title length books, when its my turn to write I much prefer the excitement of starting a project and the knowledge that it will end happily-ever-after (HEA). How the excitement happens to become a HEA continues to be a mystery to me.

Middles must be mastered. In pursuit of plots and middles I tried a new tactic today. I searched for book reviews and summaries looking to answer one question: What keeps the heroine and hero apart, yet maintains story movement? The results were not satisfying. The search continues.

Potential answers:

  • family’s disapproval
  • fortune-hunter
  • title-hunter
  • marriage of convenience (learning to get-along)
  • mistaken identity
  • comedy of lies
  • class inequality
  • misunderstanding
  • expectations
  • engaged to another
  • bad reputation
  • one’s disapproval of the other (lots of reasons here)

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2 Responses to The mystery of plot and middles

  1. Clinton says:

    Keep building toward some form of climax. Every chapter should build, build, build ~ release! Build, build, build ~ release! Throughout the course of the whole book, this should be an upward trend, each chapter building toward a slightly more exciting/interesting/intense moment than the last chapter. Just keep building. Let the people act according to their motivations, and build up the pressure. Oooorah.

    • Kate Person says:

      Great advice! I find my Story Goal and plot changing as I tackle the middle. I don’t get migraines, and this book is giving me one. For forest/ tree analogies: The vast forest is creeping me out, I’d be better served focusing on the tree in the middle of the path.

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