What a mess… 1st draft revisions

A messy pile of words sits stacked in front of me. On Wednesday I sorted my NaNo draft into Scrivner, plunking scenes into separate documents and scrapping  all the non-story writing.  Ahh, my first draft.

I felt rather satisfied with myself. The plan was to take the evening off. But after celebratory grocery shopping, where I bought caramel twist ice cream and restocked my staple foods, I settled in at my desk for this novel’s first macro revision. My night off turned into a time-travel to 2am. And it hit me, I have a long way to go. A very long way to go.

This mess needs a lot of revision. Yesterday, I revisited Michael Hauge’s information on Structure and Plot, for Inner and Outer Journey and Character Arc. Unbeknownst to him, he helped me fill in a lot of blanks, but made me notice even more holes and weak spots that need to be addressed. The encouraging thing is that I see a story here. It’s not the story I thought when I was in the flurry of NaNo drafting, but with attentive revisions this mess can become a page-turner.




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