Epic HEA

I saw Epic last week. The concept of how the Leaf Men travel faster is neat, but the ending left me unsatisfied. Did anyone else feel this way?

M.K.’s return to where she belongs, with “the stompers”, and fulfilling the Happily Ever After with her father directly opposes her staying with the Leaf Men civilization and the Happily Ever After with Nod, the romantic interest (what an awful name for the hunky teen). The ending makes sense as a lesson for kids, but as an adult I want a romantic HEA. Though this ending does leave it open to a sequel if M.K. can find the Honey I Shrunk The Kids machine.

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2 Responses to Epic HEA

  1. This is such a cute post. And spot on about the ‘lesson’ for kids.

    • Kate Person says:

      Thanks 🙂 I love animated fairytale movies. Comparing to Shrek- I’m glad Epic split up the side characters into two slugs, rather than one overly annoying Donkey. But Shrek’s story is so much stronger. And while its a sleeping beauty re-make, I consider Shrek a “new” fairytale. Unfortunately, Epic doesn’t come close to that. M.K. is no princess.

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