Let it rest

With over a month of concentrated effort put in towards finishing the Heyswood novel I had to ‘let it rest’ after the Fast Draft weekend challenge. The first few days of last week I tried to do 3rd draft edits, but it just wasn’t happening. I was tripping myself up over how to flesh out the scenes that still need to be written. Thankfully, I had scheduled a ‘let it rest’ short vacation for that weekend. Yay for accurate planning!

Now I’m back, ready to dive into the 3rd draft with
Elements of Fiction Writing – Description By Monica Wood in hand. The next deadline is next Tuesday, 8 days. The plan is to layer in sexual tension, unique character traits and setting. In Scrivner, I’ve divided the manuscript into Michael Haughe’s six stages. I haven’t decided how to slice it into daily goals, but I won’t be starting with stage one because I get too demoralized working on the begining. I’ll save that chunk for September.

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