Distractions – 3rd draft

Oh Youtube, how you get me to view clips of the songs from the movie Sister Act is beyond my comprehension, but it happens, fairly often. The slippery slope started for me with Jenna Marbles and How Teens React.

I’m at the halfway point in 3rd draft. Daily page edits are breezing by quicker than I expected, leaving me with unstructured free-time. Those hours are still specifically for writing, but the idea of it being free-time because I have finished my pages for the day has sabotaged me the last two days. Labeling it free-time was giving me the false sense that I had time to dawdle before sitting down to work.

“We fill up our space with things that put us just this side of doing our dream.” – Bill Sparkman

About Kate Person

Artist - YouTuber - Writer
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