Sacrifices and other ditchings

Since taking on an aggressive schedule to be ready to pitch on Oct 11th I’ve had to sacrifice and otherwise ‘ditch’ certain things. My top five:
1. Sleep
2. Cooking
3. Netflix
4. Videogames
5. Youtube surfing

I’ve kept a decent balance of social life, health (other than sleep), and chores (ie.laundry, light cleaning, grocery shopping). I’m guessing my nutrition is a bit heavy on sodium and preservatives with all the microwavable foods.

Countdown until I give the manuscript to a friend to critique: 4 weekend days, 7 weeknights. Oh my gosh! After years of dabbling at being a writer I’m starting to experience what a writer’s life is like. Discovering my capabilities is an exciting and astonishing process tangled with anxiety and fear.

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2 Responses to Sacrifices and other ditchings

  1. Kate Person says:

    I must admit, Youtube surfing has been the hardest to let go of. Ditching that time-suck has been an idealized series of failed attempts. The psychology of denying oneself and promoting a mental state-of-lack has tripped me up on that one more than any of the others.

  2. Denise says:

    You’ll be ready. I can’t wait to read it in 11 days!!

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