4th draft fight

Its 4th draft time, this week and next. This round is moving slowly. I’m getting sucked into micro-edits when there are major edits I should be devoting time to. At this point an edit is an edit. All the scenes are in place, so any edit is making the story read smoother. The fight between major and micro edits is that, arguably, macro edits make a bigger impact.

Micro edits give me a warm-fuzzy feeling and are an immense energy drain. They round-out the scene with telling details and weave subtext.

Macro edits are the big boys, the ones that order me around, vaguely telling me to fix things. Move that paragraph to that other scene. Add more description here. What’s this secondary character’s name?

Yeah, it’s 4th draft fight time.

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2 Responses to 4th draft fight

  1. Clinton says:

    Can I take a crack at what you’ve got thus far?

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