Getting out of the rut

There is only one rut in life, and I keep finding it. I know what I should be doing, but I’m not doing it, and no amount of knowing or being told will make me do what needs to be done. Or so it was last week.

Being mindful is the first leg up. More specifically, deliberate action. Last week I started with intention. I made plans to do small things, and then didn’t end up doing them. Instead of beating myself up about it I gave myself a mental break. I let myself off the proverbial hook. Whatever. Who cares. I didn’t do what I told myself I’d do, what I’d planned to do, what I’d said I’d do.

Wait. I’m not okay with that. I believe in doing what I say I’ll do. I believe in doing what needs to be done, even if that thing isn’t easy.

Finally! I found a spark of motivation.


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