What ?! It’s been a month

I feel off the wagon. Ironic that today is exactly one month since my last post.

I signed up for a course with Outreach International Romance Writers Online Workshop. “The Book Factory: Producing Multiple Novel in One Year” Presented by Kerri Nelson.

One week and two assignments in, so far so good. I’m using this class as jumping off point to get back into my daily writing habit. It’s tough to not guilt trip myself when I’ve been not writing for an extended period of time. It’s easier to make excuses and “be gentle with yourself”, but the truth is if you have a goal that means a lot to you then you need to get to it and make it happen.

Stop making excuses and start making your dreams your reality. There are things in life that only you can do for yourself. If you are like me, and being a successful, full-time author is your goal, then only YOU can do the work to write the novels to turn your dreams into your real life. And we all know, you have to keep writing, one book will not sustain your dream.

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