The excitement of BOT

I am BOT, aka back on track. I like the references my mind makes when I think of being BOT. Like a robot, but in a good way, more of a Rosie from the Jetson’s or Data from Star Trek type of robot. I get a lot of things done when I’m in BOT mode.

To toot my own horn a little, I am giving myself a pat on the back for getting moving on the Heyswood novel. During the days and weeks of January I didn’t feel I was making much progress, but as I sit on the edge of February I can see how the seemingly small efforts accumulated and turned out to be a significant amount of work that got done.

The 15 minute focus technique I learned in The Book Factory class has proven itself. I’ve even managed to keep on top of chores and balance down-time using that approach.

In process, I am doing a combination of editing and panster-freewriting. My focus is starting two 15 minutes sessions a day. One with the small goal of reading through a scene for edits and noting research questions. The second with the small goal to do a panster, “what if” freewriting on a scene that needs to be added.

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