Writing Demon

I’ve been thinking about my writing demon and started re-reading The Productive Writer, by Sage Cohen. I highly recommend this book. If you actually study and journal about it you’ll learn things about yourself. It helps shine a light on your goals and offers a path of action.

Beware, if you are not ready to clearly see how far you still have to go then you might want to hold off. I have no illusions about what it will take to reach my goals, and it isn’t a smooth, fast or easy path. I went through a serious case of re-thinking my goals. Of letting it all sink in and giving myself time to decide if I wanted to change my mind, to not be a writer. And after all that, I re-committed. I am a writer. I want to enjoy life as an author.

There have been starts and stops since then, as fully expected, and they still mess with me, but I have no doubts anymore. This is my path. It will just take longer if I let my writing demon keep hold of me. I’ve taken classes and read books about various strategies for structuring action plans to reach goals; it is time I leverage my knowledge and make a fresh one for myself. There are twenty-six weeks until the Emerald City Conference.

P.S. I cleaned the bathroom floor last night. 😦
P.P.S. I did not clean the bathtub. πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Writing Demon

  1. Emma says:

    i will buy your book when it is published just for posting that you partly cleaned your bathroom, the worst job in the house!!

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