Coping with a flexible schedule

The countdown continues, 25 and a half weeks, to the Emerald City Conference. Only 6 weeks until the Opener contest deadline. I had my entry ready but I’ve tweaked it several times and last week I found a previous opening for the novel and decided to integrate it. So I’ve been splitting novel time between polishing the opening and pacing and transition edits for scenes further along.

In regard to my writing demon, last weekend I created a social media plan and it’s been going well. I was concerned it would take up too much time but I’ve found having this daily checklist has kept writing at the forefront as I go through the day. The balancing act is between my day-job, physical therapy at the gym, writing, and self imposed social obligations with family/friends. I tried to record how long it took to do each thing (Twitter, read book review blog, read author blogs, pinterest, my blog, etc).

The plan is to be professional about it. Since writing is a career I approach the checklist from the same mindset as when doing tasks at my day-job. Just do it, and get it done. This isn’t personal time to poke around. To keep my priorities straight I made a simple printout of the checklist. The difficult thing is to be flexible. Twitter can be super fast, but distracting if I keep checking it to see if anyone has tweeted back after I’ve replied to their tweet. And reading the  book review blog and the multi-author blog I chose easily leads to more than 30 minutes of reading the articles, comments and formulating my comment; not to mention extra time if I follow links. But those three make it so much easier to populate my pinterest page and post on my facebook page.


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