Technology. What?

I am the first to admit I am a late adapter to technology. I still used my portable tape player in 2001. I tried a CD player but they always skipped. In 2004 I was yanked into this century and bought the biggest, baddest, 3gig mp3 player I could find at the time.

I had a pager when everyone had a cell phone, and a flip-phone when everyone was getting smart phones. Five years ago I upgraded to a blackberry, then traded it in for an Android the last couple years. And while I fuss with texting, pictures, and social media applications, the whole ebook thing has been going on. So last year I forced myself to ‘get with the times’ and bought a Kindle Fire HD. And it has taken ma a year to really start using it. Mostly for ebooks and Youtube.

I have a love/hate relationship with the shift towards ebooks. It’s so much faster to thumb through a paperback looking for vocabulary and craft inspiration, but it’s awesome to have an entire bookshelf at my fingertips when traveling with the Kindle.

The dilemma I need to sort out is when to buy which format. I lean towards owning paperbacks since I use them as examples to learn craft, but as an aspiring author in an apartment I can’t possibly store everything I buy. Not to mention, there are so many low price deals online for e-versions.

I wish there was a way to buy a paperback and then exchange it for an ebook after I’ve read it.

How do you choose which format to buy? Do you stock up digital for vacations?

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