Some changes are bigger

Change is a major part of life, but some changes are bigger than others. I’m generally the type of person who likes change. Change creates momentum, which I find refreshing and exciting. Though there comes a point where it is just plain exhausting.

Recent circumstances, details I will not divulge here, have me moving in with my best friend (of 10+ years) in the next couple weeks. We’ve never lived together before. We know each other’s home lifestyle enough to bet that we won’t turn into the statistic of best friends who live together that end up not being friends. Through all the housing tours and shopping excursions this past week we’ve zig-zagged between excitement for the future and pure exhaustion from all the planning.

Moving is often cited as one of the top three life stresses a person can experience (up there with death and divorce). Some writer’s are able to use their writing time to stay grounded when big changes are happening in their lives. Not me. When big stress waltzes into my life I’m not able to quiet my mind to focus on the story I’m writing. My mind resembles a blender, with my thoughts whirring and mixing together. I’m not able to compartmentalize the tasks or settle down enough to fully focus.

Do you like moving or dread it? How do you balance writing with the mental drain of dealing with stress?

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