Write everyday. Really?

Hiatus complete. The plan was to not write while other areas of my life took center stage the last six weeks. Back then looking at everything that was coming my way I knew I couldn’t maintain a balance unless I stepped back from my writing. Thankfully I have plenty of cushion before the Greater Seattle Area Conference in mid-October to work on manuscript edits. I expected things to wind down by this week and planned to start prepping for July’s Camp Nano when this week came around. And here it is.

There is a lot of advice encouraging writers to write every day. To have a daily writing habit. There is also plenty of advice proclaiming that your process is good enough, whatever it is (caveat- as long as you get the job done using that process). I haven’t found a process yet, nothing consistent anyway. I’ve spent years reading craft books, absorbing the concepts, doing the prescribed exercises, and trying the processes published authors say work for them.

The only consistent thing about my writing journey is persistence. I take breaks. I get sideswiped and lose momentum. I do too much too fast and get burnt-out. I make plans, set expectations, and then I adjust them. That is my process. No matter what happens, I keep coming back. To write, to research, to edit, to play what-if games, to try. To do.

What is your process? Have you found one?

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