July Goals and Wierd Motivation

I struggle with consistent motivation. I get really excited and caught up in a project and then burn out on it. Motivation comes and goes. It’s probably like that for most people though.

Some of us who attend SLC Write-In’s on Thursdays have formed a Facebook group page (by invite only). It started out last year as our work-around for not getting the people we wanting in our Nanowrimo July Camp cabins. Since we already knew of each other through the SLC Writer’s group it was more fun to participate in our Faux Nano group. It creates authentic social expectations to keep on track and is an easy way to keep in touch outside of the official Thursday SLC Write-In’s.

We’re four days into the 2014 July Faux Nano Camp and while I’m off to a really good start I know each day will only get harder. My motivation is starting to hide under the bed covers, especially today. I’ve decided to revive the 15 minute focus technique I learned in The Book Factory class. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what motivates me and to identify rewards I believe in, and I discovered that the oddest things can be weirdly motivating.

Take for example this post. I told myself that for July I would write a post on Thursday’s while at the SLC Write-In. I skipped last night since I was in a good writing groove and didn’t want to interrupt it by packing up and relocating to the cafe. It just didn’t make sense to stop the good thing I had going. So today, I slept in (thank you day-job for giving me today as a paid holiday!). I got up knowing I have no excuse to not get my prescribed 8 page revisions done today, but I needed to eat breakfast, and feed the cat, and scoop the litter pan, and take a shower, and clean up the kitchen, and vacuum my bedroom floor, and and and and. AND write this post since I didn’t yesterday.

So as I took the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and plugged the cord into the wall I decided no. No I wouldn’t vacuum until after I’d written this post. I thought “you’re being silly, just vacuum and then sit down.” And then I thought, “No. Sit down, do the post now. Then vacuum.” And you know what I did? I sat down, my fingers flying over the keys to say something worthy of being read,… all so I can vacuum my bedroom.

What seemingly odd things motivate you?

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