Temporary, full-time writer

I am moving to Seattle in two months. My wonderful boyfriend will be paying our bills when we get there while I look for a new day-job. Which means I will temporarily be a full-time writer. I’m excited, but also nervous. I have ideas for structuring the time as a 9-5 workday. There is pressure to prove myself, to myself and to everyone who believes me to be a writer. We’re all waiting for when I have something published. As the months and years pass the pressure increases.

The Heyswood manuscript is on its 6th or 7th draft, I’ve lost count, and must be ready to submit by Seattle’s Conference on October 17.  I continue to edit for scene continuity, write missing/new scenes, and do fact-checking research. The flurry of life around the time of the move will interrupt my editing focus, but the subsequent two weeks of being a full-time writer before the conference will let me make up for it. How long I get to continue writing full-time after the conference is unknown. I need a steady paycheck until my student loans are paid off and writing starts bringing in money.

What tips/tricks do you have for making your days productive without burning out or procrastinating?

What does the structure of your day look like?


8-9am wake up, morning routine/ breakfast,

9:15am Scrivner open, begin writing

Write scene/XXX words, then 15 minute reward break

Research 20 minutes, edit next scene, then 15 minute reward break

Reward ideas

  • read/comment on a blog I follow
  • review tweets and tweet
  • play with cat
  • chores (these are oddly rewarding to me, lol)
  • take a 15 minute walk outside

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