Cat Lady?

A cat, a car and a suitcase.

Actually, it is a cat, a car and… two suitcases, two boxes, two backpacks and two bikes. All of which have been my sole possessions for the last three weeks. One more week and I will have my life back. Namely, my boyfriend and our belongings will move into the spacious, nearly empty, two-bedroom apartment that I’m currently in.

When I moved away for college I was excited. It quickly turned into loneliness and boredom. The same experience happened over the course of this multi-phased move. Thankfully I have Oliver to chase away both, but it doesn’t require my psychology degree for me to know that I talk to the cat WAY too much. Since “The Man” and I decided to move in together on this, our second out-of-state move, I think he knows what he’s getting into, but a little part of me wonders if he really knows.

<Note to self : Air-mattresses ARE better than the floor, but they are not as great as your mind imagines.>

<2nd Note to self: …especially after recent knee surgery. Remember this for the next time you move and think this scenario is a “great idea”. >

Meanwhile, on the writing front, I attended my first Greater Seattle RWA meeting this month. There were plenty of networking opportunities and I volunteered to moderate a session at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference.

My Raffle Goal for next meeting: To finish transitions between all of the scenes in the Heyswood novel.

Update: The Heyswood novel continues in the revision and editing stages. I’m pretty much done with revisions, just filling in holes due to the re-envisioned material, and adding layers and polish.

I’m in the panic stage of, — “oh my gosh! this will never be ready for the conference! i should give up writing and just play video games and watch tv! — But I’m pushing through it and working on the WIP anyway.

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  1. says:

    Hang in there; the reinforcements are coming. Sounds like the novel is nearly done. Tell Rich to update us on developments. I left him a message on his cell phone, but I haven’t heard anything. We are going to Chicago this week-end. I will be attending my high school reunion. Yikes; it is the 45 year one. We will also visit with Mark and see his new place. Take care.


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