Active Pursuit = Messy

The time has arrived. The Emerald City Conference is this weekend.

For the last two months I’ve been in the panic stage of, — “Oh my gosh! This will never be ready for the Emerald City Conference! I should give up writing and just play video games and watch tv!”

So of course, I’ve watched both Seasons of Bates Hotel, and am halfway through the second season of Alphas. I’ve also made many new people in Sims 2, put together all the jigsaw puzzles I own and learned how to play Rivals of Catan. Although, I have gone through several drafts of what I plan to say during my pitch. Pitchfest is this Friday night and my pitch appointment is sometime Saturday morning.

The knee-jerk fear and anxiety is so much more than putting my best foot forward at the conference. The stress of having knee surgery, moving to another state, starting a new dayjob, and moving in with my boyfriend for the first time, are all highly stressful life events, and they all happened in the same two month span. Add my tendency to want order (err,…control and perfection) in my life and – wham – self-soothing takes center stage. Hello tv, videogames, and way too much caffeine.

>>>Note:  I almost wish someone would nominate me for the 3-Day, 3 Things You Are Grateful For Challenge I’ve seen floating amongst my extended family’s posts on Facebook because the Ikea delivery arrived on Monday, and I am so very grateful I made putting my new desk chair together a priority last night. Finally! My new writing space feels complete again.

The Heyswood novel continues in the revision and editing stages. I am done with revisions, just filling in holes due to the re-envisioned material, and adding layers and polish. And while I am not happy that the manuscript is still unfinished, I cannot take my inner-chastising seriously anymore. A lot of life just happened and I’m glad that I’ve again re-convinced myself to, again, recommit to my career goal of being a successful, multi-published Historical Regency author.

My first recommitment step is to be a charismatic fool at the conference to enhance my network to pave the way for amazing opportunities in the long-term. I don’t just write for fun anymore, I’m actively pursuing this goal.

Which brings us to Nanowrimo. It is creeping up on all of us. I want to participate, but I don’t want to write a jumble of 50k words just to hit a number count. Editing that jumble is a nightmare.

But for now the plan is: 1) to get enough sleep to be safe driving to and from the conference, 2) emerge on Sunday with fistfuls of author and publishing industry business cards, and 3) have a request for a partial of the Heyswood manuscript.

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2 Responses to Active Pursuit = Messy

  1. Glenna Powers says:

    Good luck, Kate. Let us know how the conference goes. Also, tell Rich to send us your new address.

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