Blogging is not for me

My blog has purposely been silent for the past year and a half. The entire reason I bought a domain name and created a website was to learn how to do it. But a website needs content. So I started blogging, just to see what all was involved. I stopped for a combination of personal and professional reasons. Basically though, blogging took time away from everything else and it gave no rewards.

So why am I back? Well, I’m not.

Due to a series of health issues and other major life stresses, it’s been a  struggle to achieve my goals in the timeframe I’d expected.

I consider writing to be an art, and since I was having trouble doing that form of art I decided to branch out into other forms. I bought a “Color Your Own Renoir Paintings” coloring book and one full of impressionist paintings. The art is after the Regency time period, but Liam Ainsworth is a painter, so perhaps I’ll learn some things about how it feels to be a painter as I learn about color.

A friend later gifted me an awesome fantasy coloring book and I started looking for video tutorials about painting and mixing colors, which lead me to makeup and nail art tutorials.

At some point I decided to start a Pinterest account. I’d heard authors talk about how nice it was to have a board for each book and boards for the hero and heroine or research boards filled with period clothes, architecture, and everyday objects.

So today, as I took videos on my cell of me trying water marbling for the first and second time, I thought I should look into getting a GoPro camera and post videos or links here. I am still serious about becoming a full-time historical Regency romance author, it’s just taking longer than I’d anticipated, and I’m finally okay with that.

The Avery family trilogy is coming! It’s just going to be awhile, I sort of have this side thing-called life-going on right now too, so please, be patient and kind. I want to release a great debut book and it’s going to take time to get it to that level.

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