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Skeletons, not babies.

The writing world occasionally refers to writers seeing some of their current work as their baby, and that the babies must be killed. This whole ‘my work is my baby’ attitude has never stuck with me. I don’t have babies, … Continue reading

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Let it rest

With over a month of concentrated effort put in towards finishing the Heyswood novel I had to ‘let it rest’ after the Fast Draft weekend challenge. The first few days of last week I tried to do 3rd draft edits, … Continue reading

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Weekend Challenge

Write 20k. This is not a goal, this is a challenge. The difference is I will not be upset with myself if I fall short. I’m taking Candace Havens’ FAST DRAFT idea for 20 pages a day, changing it to … Continue reading

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12 Steps of Intimacy

I’ll let this article explain the 12 Steps of Intimacy. I couldn’t say it better. 12 Steps of Intimacy Thank you Erica Ridley for breaking it down. I am familar with the 12 steps but wanted a better understanding. Erica’s … Continue reading

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The mystery of plot and middles

Middles mess me up. I end up re-plotting my ideas over and over, hence, unpublished writer. There are a lot of books and advice about plot but none of it seems to help me. Plot is what happens, the hard … Continue reading

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